Aaron Zerah

Aaron Zerah

From early childhood, Aaron has had faith that the world could come together in peace. His parents, both Holocaust survivors, showed (and continue to show) him the power of acceptance and love and the way to live in joy.

An Interfaith Minister for nearly 25 years, Aaron is the founder of the Interfaith Seminary and a leading figure in the global Interfaith movement. He has spoken at the historic Parliament of the World's Religions, the U.N. and a host of houses of worship.

Aaron is also the published author of several books: 365 Spirit, How the Children Became Stars, A Time to Mourn and Every Day Is a Blessing. He has recently completed the first in a series of children's books called Spirit Storybooks and a historical novel entitled Joseph in the Land of the Mizraim.

Aaron currently lives in the lovely town of Sechelt, British Columbia (near Vancouver) with his fifteen-year-old daughter, Sari, who is the delight of his life.